Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1920


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16A STATISTICAL. SEOTION V. — INDUSTRIES — Continued. Leupp. Indian School. Reservation. -- Leupp-- Hall, or less Indian blood. Mixed, More than half Indian blood. Adults. Minors. 10A. Living allotted Indians who have Full blood. Total. ENTIRE PAGE INAPPLICABLE Received trust or restricted fee patents... Received patents in fee Received certificates of compe tency--- Total. 10B. Total number of allotments of deceased Indians where land is held: ( a) In trust ( b) By restricted fee patents- 10C. Total number of trust estates where the hơirs have been determined by the Secretary of the Interior- 10D. Total number of restricted fee estates where the heirs have been determined by the Secretary of the Interior 10E. Total number of fee patents issued allottees to June 30, current fiscal year: ( a) Under Declaration of Policy-- ( b) Under Competency Commission ( c) Upon original application..-- These figures must agree with those reported in column( 9), query 9( ©), page 16.

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