Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1920


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Section V Narrative. Field Irrigation. There is no water for field irrigation of this Jurisdicti on. There was a project here at Leupp that contemplated the impounding of the flow of Canyon Diablo, syphoning it under the River and using it on irrigable lends on both sides of the river between here end Tolchaco. This scheme was never developed. Now the whole area contemplated to be used is covered by a projected storage den for a power plant the first unit of which Would use the drop at Grand Falls. Extensive surveys have been made and a record of the River flow is being kept. The plan is entirely feasible and the construction would not be excessively costly. The storage of flood waters at diferent points might be practicable but would have to be worked out by the Irrigation Engineers. I believe water eould be stored in the Laires basin twelve miles north of Leupp in sufficient quantity to use in develop ment of a large farm across the river. A ảyke about one- quarter to one- half mile long would be necessary.

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