Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1919


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Leupp Indian School& Agency Lenape, Arizoni. Nar rative. Section IV. Industries. Cont' d. So it is a kind of fifty- fifty proposition that is working as equitably for the Indian as under the present circumstances is possible. The Leupp reservation was the salvation of much of the Indians stock during the past winter. There was no feed in the Castle Butte District and the Indians had to move out. Some went north on the Moqui reservation. Some went east on the Navajo re80. rvation and over a thousand horses and several bands of sheep came over here. Rajn came just in time to renew the water supply and make summer feed and present conditions are good. The feed is again good in the Castle Butte country and the Indians have gone back home. Condidtions as above are of frequent occurrence and the Indians must move their stock or loose to it. It is no use to talk about * definitely locating in a place and staying there. When there is no water or grass it is move or starve. The impossibility of an Indian living on an allotment of grazing land under the circumstances is ap parent. Population. I have frequent consultations with the two Judges the Police and leading men of the tribe. There is no definitely constituted council or committee, the India ns all recognizing the authority of the Judges and Police.

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