Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1919


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Leupp Indian School& Agency Leapp, Arizona Section III Narrative. Schools. Cont' d. Here on the Little Colorado River there is an abundance of good water. This alone is enough to be a determining factor in the future development of school facilities for the education of the large number of Navajo children of school age yet to be provided for. But it is also close to railroad teansportation, and there is never a time when heavy loads cannot be brought from the station at Canyon Diablo thirteen miles distant. Our truck easily ma kes tro loads a day. The altitude is four thousand feet and extremes of either heat or cold are rare. It would be ideal for a large hospital. There is a splendid quarry of brown sandstone within one and One- half miles of the school and the rock can be got out at minimum expense. I have emphasized the necessity for the students to acquire a comprehensive knowledge of the English language. If a school does not do this for the Indian it is a failure no matter what else it claims to have accomplished. Next is the acquiring of a vocation. The greatest success is attained by those who specialize. And no school can properly fit its students for the battle of life unless it is large enough to handle the vocational courses thorough ly well. This little school has adapted itself to the needs of the Indi an in so far as it possibly can. English and industries are carried as far as our limited facilities will permit. But both efficiency and economy demand that the school be reconstructed on a larger plan in every way. Financially the past year has been one of making ends meet if possible, and doing without, Conditions were so extraordinary that no fair comparison can be made with any normal year.

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