Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1918


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NARRATIVE. Industries ( Cont' a) I have a very nice start on a tribal herd for the purpose of raising a better grade' of rams for the Indians. The authority given me has made it difficult to get the number. The price of sheep has gone so high. But I have 500 now and shall get 500 more ewes in the next three months. What I have are worth several thousand dollars more than I paid for them and they are doing well. Conditions this spring have been very bad on the range and I have had to feed some hay. but now the rains have begun and if they do not play out we should have range feed enough. REMARKS. The whole situation here is bad on account of the uncertain status of the Indians with regard to their lands. So far as I know they have not any title to the Castle Butte District and it is there that most of them live. Allotment selections made nine years ago have not been patented to them. And if they are and this land is the limit of the Indians rights they will nor have enough to live on. Development along the lines of stock raising, agriculture or any industries where tenure of land is concerned must necessarily be dependent upon the action taken to secure these Indians their homes. The Indians have no title at al 1 to water on railroad lands, state school lands, or public domain, and development cannot be do ne where they have no title. It is hoped that their land matters will be handled to their best interest in the near future. Until this is done all is uncertainty. Respectfully submitted, Stephen Janus, Superi rit endent.

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