Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1918


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NARRATIVE. Cont' d. Section III 并长长片** Schools, Cont' d. 14. The school follows the course of study. Outside of that I have emphasized in every way possible the study and use of the english lan guage. 15. Special effort has been made to educate the Indians as to their relation to their white neighbors. Much has been accomplished along this line to their great advantage. As these Indians live in almost daily contact with the whites this information is invaluable to them. 16. Sentiment is against intermingling of the races. 17. There has been an increase of expenditures on account of general conditions that have brought about universal high prices. Accomplish ments have been equivalent. 18. The playground ap paratus is being used by the little girls more than by any of the other children. And they have become very profici ent.( a) there is no athletic instructor and therefor no systematic supervision. 19. Since there are not enough schools to teach more than a small per centage of the Navajo Children, speculation as to how long the schools will be necessary O uld be futile.

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