Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1918


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NARRATIVE. Section II **** Health. 1. Health conditions at the school are always good. The children are kept clean and well fed. As a matter of evolution the Indian race is in its old age and extreme care is necessary to prevent fat al develop ment of constitutional defects. An epidemic of smallpox running over two years has died out principally from lack of material. It was a very mild form. There being such a large proportion of children of school age not provided for, and dodging vaccination, it is likely there will be another epidemie in due course of time. 3. General sanitary conditions around the Indian homes are prevented from being fatal by the intense sunshine, violent sand storms, and desert conditions sur rounding their open air life. Wa ter is scarce and the Indian comes nearest to being clean immediately after he has had a sweat bath and a dry sand rub.( a) Being without a physician, nurse or field matrons or field equipment nothing could be done to improve the home life of these Indians.( b) This is the finest place for a hospital that I know of in the Na vajo Indian country that is without one. Our little hospital does all it can.( c) Nothing.( d) No. It is hard en ough to get Indians in the habit of patronizing a permanent hospital.( e) Our small hospital is in constant use when regular employes are here.( f) Having no field sanitary force ad vice and instruction is al that cauld be done along this line. And this I did personally. 4. There has been a marked increase in the tendency of the camp Inđi ans to come to the hospital for assistance. Although no regular physician has been available traveling specialists of the Department have been of great assistance and the Indians are overcoming their reluctance to being treated by white physicia s. 5. A Physician and a Nurse are provided to run the hospital here and to do what is possible out on the reser vation. More employes are needed away from here to handle the health conditions. 6. No field matron, 7. No help available for this work, 8. None. 9. Nothing doing.

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