Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1917


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REMARKS. I am working ovory team I have preparing lands for planting corn next Spring. I expect to clean up of woods and brush more than I can plant and turn some of it over to such Indians as have not the stock to do heavy work with. Thoy will plant with a sharp stick and cultivato with a hoe. And this is a very effective me thod. with a sharpened iron- wood stick they dig deep into the ground making a seed bod for the young roots to penetrato deeply and easily and get beyond the roach of droughth. Corn is planted as deeg as ten inches. I am very anxious to start a tribal hord hero, and I believe on every part of the Navajo Country the Superintendents could raiso thousands of sheep for the betterment of the Indians shoep and the production of a moat supply that will come in handy before the end of this war which I am persuaded will last for the next ten years. Much range is not used because of inadequate gater supply and the Superintendents in the south- west could develop water and use range that is at present doing little or nothing. I could easily do so here by putting cheap wells down in the valley of the Little Colo rado River and grazing back north and south with a dozen herds. And it would be no detriment to the Indians, but the greatest possible benefi benefit. I have the Cotswold rams and want the Indian ewes. In fove, years time I can have a herd of sheep here that would be of tremendous benefit. STEPHEN JANUS. Superintendent. Leupp School, Arizona.

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