Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1917


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NARRATIVE. Section III -- Schools, Cont' d. 10. We go to the sixth grade and handle the pro- vocational course so far as possible. We cannot give all the subjects as we have not em ployos enough, and at present are handicapped with temporary one 8. 11. Girls have instruction in the kitchen laundry and the Matron does what she can in her department and with sewing in the absence of a Soamstress which position the office has repeatedly and without reason refused to fi11. If 100 children are not sufficient to warrant a scamstress I should like to know why the office gives this employe to other shhools having a smaller attendare e.( b) School rooms are too small being built for a school of 63 capacity. Boys are instructed by the Farmer, Carpenter, Blacksmith, Disciplinarian in shoemaking, and Engineer. 12. There is a 100 h. p. boiler which should have been two 50 h. p. so it would have been possible to clean out without freezing the whole school. And most of the time a 50 h. p. would have been big enough. There is a 40 h. p. steam engine in the Laundry to do ab out 6 to 8 h/ p. work.- One washer and one wringer. There is an alleged ice plant that has never made any ice that I know of. It needs rebuilding but if this plant is ever increased and goodness knows the Navajo children need it, the ice plant and boiler house and laundry should all be moved to where the well is that supplies the water. The present Carpenter Shop, Black smith Shop, and hardware warehouse should be used as a Laundry and shops on the other side of the grounds for the boys should be built, so the two departments of boys and girls could be on separate sides of the plant. The pump then would be near the source of power instead of being 900 ft distant on a wasteful and too large pipe line. 13. The employes are well accommodated and have nothing to complain of. The Mess is good and economical, and far below the cost of most schools. The employes are reasonably efficient and loyal, and sometimes they cooperate and sometimes they do not. They are quite a human bunch and altogether I think we are doing good work. 14. I have tried to emphasize the necessity of teaching the Indians to use the English language properly. And this I have insisted be done in all the departments of the school. This is the Indians great est need. 15. I suppose putting into effect the prevocational course is the best thing that has been d one. 16. The races here do not mingle. Sentiment is against it. 17. There was an increase both in attendance and expense and the school accomplished much more at a reduced per capita cost. 18. The playground apparatus is in constant use, but there is no one to give systematic supervision

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