Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1917


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NARRATIVE. Section 111 Schools. 1. There are no public schools that these Indian children could attend. 2. I understand that there are 11, 000 Navajo children of school age and schools to take care of a bout 4000. This is about the ratio here. 3. The" New Course of Study" for the Indian schools is just as good as the State course. 4. The pre- vocational instruction is carried out so far as possible. Four positions are temporarily filled and two are vacant. 5ą The capacity of the school was originally 63. Additional dormitory space has been provided making an increase to 160. The Dining room has also been enlarged. But nothing else has been added to and the school rooms, wash rooms, clothing rooms, kitchen& c., æ e still at the original capacity of 63. Last year I handled 102 average. I now have 98 and will increase as soon as health conditions on the reservation permit. There is no change in the situation from last year and then I went into the ma tter in detail. The main building is only fit for dormitory use and properly added to and changed would at small expense accommodate 300 children, An assembly hall and separate dining hall and kitchen would be necessary, and additional commissary and shop buildings. More capaci ty at less expense could be obtained than anywhere in the Na vajo country ( b) I have been working on the difficult far ming problem here ever since I took charge and have made considerable progress. It is the most diffici lt of dry farming problems. I estimate that I raised about 400 bushels of corn besides a considerable quantity of vegetables. If I had been supplied with the steel flume I asked for at the right time I could have do ne much more, But after the matter had been referred to the Supt. of Irrigation and been approved by him, it was turned down by the office. I then bought cement and built 2800 ft of stone and cement flume with the boys. Next year I shall raise a crop that will amount to something. ( c) I have so many irregular employes and vacant positions that it is very much a case of making the best of it. Considering the circumstances I feel that I am getting good results and am duly thankful. 6. No graduates. 7. There is only one Missi on school on my jurisdiction and I have been so busy that I do not feel that I am a competent judge of its efficien cy. I am confident it is doing excellent work, and we have been mutually helpful wherever possible. 8. I do not think the Indians are particularly immoral and the progress or the communities is in direct proportion to their contact with the white business communities. 9. There are lots of pupils all over all the Na va jo country for whom no schools are provided at all,

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