Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1917


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NARRATIVE. Section II-- HEALTH. 1. The general health conditions at the school and agency have been good. An epidemic of chickenpox and measles kopt all hands busy and ane small boy developed tuberculosis and died after being taken home. In spite of diet and the best of care he lost vitality until his caso was hopeless. Two serious cases of pneumonia were successfully treated. 2. Smallpox has been prevalent on the reservations to the east and norti and on this jurisdiction during the past two years in a mild form, and there are occasional cases yet at widely separated points. There have been few deaths and those accompanied by other disease that make it doubtful if the smallpox was the primary cause. There is a history of smallpox among the Navajo that makes it probable that through ha ving the disease or from being vaccinated successfully most of the Indians are now immune. Much and effective work has been done by local and Supervising Physicians and Government Employes. 3. The high altitude, sunshine, dry climate and sand storms make the natural sanitary conditions ideal. This is what keeps the Indians well under home conditions that are dirty in most instances to a degree. ( a to f) There is only one farmer stationed far to the east on this jurisdiction an d as stated in my an nual report for 1916 in detail the matters referred to cannot be carried out without employes. Even if means were tempodarily supplied there are no outlying stations from which work could be intelligently carried out. 4. Conditions here are the same as they have always been. Practically nothing adequate has ever been done in a medical way for these Indians. 5. The need is for outlying stations from which intelligent work could be done and employes with the necessary experience and skill. 6. There are no field matrons allowed for this jurisdiction. 7- 9 No field inatrons.

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