Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1917


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NARRATIVE. Law& Order- continued. 8. Whatever whiskey comes is generally at dances and is brought in by Indians living near Gallup who make a business of tak ing liquor to dances and selling it for big profits. New Mexico will almost certain ly go dry next election- Nov. 6th., I think- endthat will go farther to putting a stop to the Indians getting whiskey in than anything. 9. There being only withdrawals under this jurisdiction and such lands more than half Railroad and State School lands there is no real limit from which the Indians can be said to go for whiskey. Rar ely whiskey is bootlegged from Winslow and more often it is obtained in Gallup, N. Mox. 10. There are not and never have been to my knowledge any saloons on the lands under this agency. 11. The State authorities have been very willing in co- operating with me in the suppression of crimes of all kinds notwithstanding the fact that a large number of the Indians under me do not pay taxes. 12. If it becomes advisable to have any of the Indian police or employes a ppointed Deputy Special officers of Deputy Sheriffs I will promptly take the matter up. But I have seen it tried and doubt the necessity at present for such a step. After N. Mex. goes dry the officers on the liquor suppression job will be able to handle it and the County officer s prefer to handle county business in their own courts. 13. The Indians here make no intoxicants of any kind. 14. I have never known the Na vajo to use mescal or any other drug. 15 I found indications of the Indians in one instance using a cough medicine that contained chloroform. I could not get positive evidence but took measures that prevented further sales. The traders were not implicated in this matter and sell no alcoholic extracts. 16. I check up the traders on the reservation on all their trade, 17. Legislation in Arizona is sufficient to handle the liquor traffic. 18. I have only one farmer station among the Indians in all the vast jurisdiction under this agency. More stations in the hands of compe tent men would be beneficial in handling the liquor and all other problems to better advantage.( a) Prohibition in Arizona has been very beneficial to the Indians of the State. 21. I know of no important decisions affecting the Indians.

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