Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1917


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ORIGINAL B- 1142 DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR UNITED STATES INDIAN SERVICE OFFIG OF INDIAN AFE , RBOEтүр NOV 10 1917 Annual Report 1917. Leupp Indian School& Agony, Le upp, Arizona. NA RRATIVE. Section 1.-- Law and Order. ( Leupp Indian School& Agency is located 13 miles from Canyon Diablo on the main line of the Santa Fe Ry., on the Little Colorado River. The wagon road from the station is good and down- hill all the way with a difference in elevation of about 500 ft. Heavy loads are easily and economically hauled. And the location is climatically excellent. The water supply is abundant and good and as a practical working pro position the school is by far the best located of any in the Navajo Indian country. It should be increased in capacity.) 1. The Agency buildings are entirely inadequate. The office is in two small rooms partitioned off from the Commissary. The Superintendent has no privacy at all. And there is no room for the file cases even. There is no waiting room for Indians or anyone else. The office is small crowded, poorly ventilated full of dust and unsanitary, and the absolute antithesis of the fine quarters provided for the Indian Office force in Washington. The necessity for a proper office building here has been fre quently placed before the office without effect. An adequate office is a necessary part of the equipment of any business institution, and this one is nothing of the kind. There is only one Farmers' Station on a jurisdiction that extends øver 150 miles from the junction of the Little Colorado River to Indian Wells. This station, Castle Butte is sixteen miles from the Eastern boundary of the jurisdiction and the central and western parts of the jurisdiction are unprovided for. Any intimate knowledge of the Indians or their needs is impossible under such circumstances. 2. The force of agency employes is just as inadequate for the work that should be done as are the buildings, with b out 1600 Indians scattered over such an extent of country the number of employes is wholly inade quate. 3. I do not experience any particular difficulty in maintaining order among the Indians under this jurisdiction, principally because I seldom hear of the disorder. When the Indians drink and break the laws I do not, and can not get the facts, except after the most difficult and search ing personal investigation. The police are too few and inefficient to ma ke a good deal of gambling and drinking impossible. And where relativ es are concerned it is almost impossible to get them to take action. There is in fact no control that reaches the Indian in his daily home life, and punishes the minor offenses that are really the demoralizing factors in a communities life. The Government took away the old tribal form of control and substituted nothing adequate in its place. Nothing that really governs.

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