Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1915


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18 NARRATIVE. R E M A R K S First and always it must be borne in mind that those Navajo Indians wo and always have been self- supporting. It is not a question of gratuities, but of help to Indians who are worthy of help. vo Farners cannot attend to the interests of 1400 Indians scattered as those are. Moro Farm Stations have been recommended, and should be built. The Little Colorado River should be brią od hero at Loupp and a good road ostablished into the Indian country to the North and East so that the Indians can haul to the railroad and get market prices for their wool. The possibility of an irrigation project in connection with the Lakes north of this agency about 9 milos should be investigated by a competent engineer. I believe water for a considerable area can be stored at 11ttle exponse, and if so the project would be of great value to these Indians. The school here is doing excellent work and should be enlarged to a reasonable extent. This has received favorable consideration. Most important of all is the question of securing to these Indians the land they live on. An exchange of Railroad and State School land, and consolidation of these Indians homes into a reser vation, appears to be the only practical way. Under present circum stances the country is over- stocked and being ruined. And there is really very 11ttle in the country in addition to what the Indians must have, that is in the least desirable. Very Respectfully, Alor auu \, k superintendent .

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