Leupp Superintendent Annual Reports, 1915


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15 NARRATIVE. Section VI-- ---- Fiold- Irrigation. 1, 2,& 3. The Navajo Extension upon which the Loupp Indian School is located is land withdrawn for i ipecific purpose and there is nothing in the Executive order indicating that it was over intended to make an Indian reservation of it. The Castle Butte District comprises Tp8. 21- 24 Range8 15- 21 the Government or ov en sections except 16 and 36 being with drawn from sale and settlement because of the Indian occupancy. The odd sections are Railroad land. Under the circumstances I know of no method by which the Indians could filo on water in this area, or how filings could be ma de for them. There is hardly water for stock, and while investigation may develop possibilities of storage the only place I have seen that looked favorable is in the Lakos vicinity referred to previously in this report.

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