Zuni School Annual Reports, 1919


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P. 25 should not be allowed on the reservation. It does not produce nearly grass enough for the Indians' stock, The Indians are using all of the reservation range and lease considerable on the outside The number of well bred sires for stock of the Indians is not enough to take care of the proper inprovenent of the stock 13 Conditions on the reservation are not favor able to the carrying on of the dairy industry. I do not reconnend, under existing conditions, the furtherance of this industry here. Range conditions nake it impossible, Stock has to travel miles in a sing le day to find enough grazing to exist. A dairy herd is not kept at the school. Such a herd should be provided as soon as a suitable dairy barn can be constructed in which to care for it. We have nothing of this kind at present. We are now raising sufficient alfalfa to furnish grass and hay for a small herd. It will not be practicable for the Indians to keep Inilch cows until such time as they will grow suffic ient alfalfa to feed them, 14 The nakin of pottery is about the only other industry anong these Indians. They derive a considerable income from this industry.

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