Zuni School Annual Reports, 1919


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P. 21 The season' s operations have been reasonably successful with the exception of wheat. Weather condi tions were not ideal for this product. The acreage planted was somewhat larger than formerly. Machinery was used some what more in harvesting and threshing, No new cereals, vegetables or trees were in troduced D. Crops were not affected by diseases or in sects, excepting smut on the wheat. More danage wea done by smut than usual. We are treating the wheat to get rid of this trouble. Much of the productions of the farm are used at hone. Sorne is stored to provide for a possible crop failure. Targe quantities are sold. larket con aditions have been favorable. The flour mill recently completed will be used in the future for grinding the Indians' wheat into flour. Seed is saved for next year s planting by a great majority of the Indians. To get rid of the Smut considerable seed wheat is purchased and sold to the Indians under the reimbursable plan. A snall green house is maintained at the school for' school use.

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