Zuni School Annual Reports, 1919


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P. 38 only means of correcting this difficulty. Even with the increased compensation granted by Congress, salaries generally are far below what is paid outside of the Service. Toyalty and co- operation have been good, lack of quarters for living quarters for enployees is working a hardship on the school Relationships existing between the Indian Schools and public schools authorities are very good, 14 The school is well adapted to meet the needs of the Indians, excepti: that buildings should be provided and a herd of cattle and some chickens should also be provided to enable the school to give practical instruct ions in the raising and cere along these lines. 15 The Indians are from year to year showing a very creditable disposition to accept the lessons brought to them through the schools and they are not showing the oppoſition to enrolling of children in school, formerly exhibited.. The training given the pupils is well receiv ed and to a great extent responsible for the change in sentiments of the older Indians, 16 The sentiment of the neighborhood is not favor able to the interningling of races. This is especially true as concerns Indians,

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