Zuni School Annual Reports, 1919


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P. 17 The books on the authorized list for use in Indian Schools seen well adapted to the work, with the exception that some of the readers are too dificult for the grades indicated ll Industrial training now given, considering the large number of temporary employees is bringing as good results as could be expected. The industrial course as outlined for reservation schools have been followed by both boys and girls 12 The school plant is in a good state of repair and as far as it goes is fairly well equipped. Equipment however, is incomplete. roper equipment in buildings requires that a school building, a dormitory for boys, employees cottages, a shop building and a warehouse for supplies be constructed. 13 EMPLOYEES: Efficiency of enployees for the past year has been far from what could be desired. Account of low salaries as compared to salaries paid on the outside, it has been found inpossible to fill many of the positions with anything but temporaries, frequently lacking in knowledge and experience. We have some employees who are good and others who are very indifferent. A good substan tial raise of salary of all employees is considered the

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