Zuni School Annual Reports, 1919


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P. 15 An additional warehouse for storing supplies The school and agency together have only one very small warehouse for storage purposes. As overflows to the warehouse, we are using two rooms in the basement of the hospital building and a couple of old rough board build ings fornerly used in the operation of construction work at the dan. This results in a very unsatisfactory condi tion For the proper conduction of the school farm we need a few good cows and some chickens. This school has never had either The salary of one teacher at the school should be sufficiently high to enable filling the position with a teacher of experience and some executive ability. This would result in a decided benefit in the work. The duties of the Superintendent are such that he does not have time to supervise personally the everyday routine of the aca demic work to the extent that it should be done. 6- A. The Boarding school has no graduates unless we count as such, those arriving at the age of 18 or con pleting their sixth grade The immediate outlook of the returned student on the reservation is good. Upon returning to thar homes they take to work very well as a rule, putting into prac tise what they have learned that is applicable under ex

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