Zuni School Annual Reports, 1919


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0 O p. 14 A building for employees' quarters. At pres ent some of the employees have quarters in an old adobe building in very bad state of repair on the school grounds, and the others occupy quarters in the pueblo A sewer to conduct waste from the school to the Zuni river nearby. At present there is no such conven ience, and the health of pupils and employees is endang ered. For Boarding school, a school building is much needed. Academic work at present is conducted in three small rooms in the main building not large enough by fifty per cent and a danger to the health of pupils and teachers A cottage for use of the superintendent. The building now occupied by him and his family, is old and in very poor state of repair A cottage for use of the carpenter. At present he and his family are occupying two snall rooms in the main building. A cottage for use of the engineer. He is at present using for quarters for himself and family, an ola rough board shanty at one time used by laborers working at the construction of the Zuni dan.

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