Zuni School Annual Reports, 1919


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P. 12 The present field natron has more than she can do in the pueblo of Zuni The field matron directs her energies to the teaching of simple health rules, the proper care end diet for children and invalids, cleanliness of the home etc To successfully reach the Indian women the field Inatron makes frequent visits to their homes, shows a personal interest in their affairs, their problems and their work, aiding and advising them in every way possible. She is meeting with a reasonable degree of Success. The field matron spends all of her time visit ing the families living in the pueblo of uni. Calling on those who need her, nore frequently than others. Practically all of the Indians live in the pueblo during the winter months and about one half during the summer the field natron lives at the Zuni pueblo. Her quarters are very limited and unsatisfactory. Needless to say she is not accomplishing as much as if she were provided with a suitable building in which to work with the Indians. She should have a good building, constructed by the government, containing living quarters, a visiting room, 2 bath and a couple of work rooms for the Indians.

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