Zuni School Annual Reports, 1919


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P. 11 It is not considered practical or necessary to establish tent hospitals for the treatment of these Indians, Health conditions do not require it The influence of the medicine man and the medicine woman has a tendency to prevent the maximum is usefulness of the hospital. However, this being over come to some extent All employees of the schools and agency lend assistance to the" Save the Baby" campaign. They teach and preach its principles whenever occasion presents itself. No baby show was held last year due to there being no Indian fair held From year to year more is accomplished in the general health work. This can be attributed to the faithful work of physician and employees and a better knowledge of the work by the Indians. The disposition to call for help of the physician is showing improvement. The most urgent need now for the proper carrying on of the health work of the reservation, is the provision of suitable quarters for the physician and field matron. A; The establishing of another field matron position would be a great benefit. Her time should be devoted to the Indians living in the smaller villages.

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