Zuni School Annual Reports, 1919


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P. 8 18 The Indians of this jurisdiction gamble to some extent for small bats on their native games and occasionally at celebrations they bet in a small way on horse racing 19. Gambling with cards is forbidden and the rule enforced. Gambling on their native games and betting on horse races is being discouraged as much as possible. 20 No decision by the State Legislature has been made recently affecting our Indians. 21 Account of their being very temperate, these Indians have not been noticeably affected by the Federal and state" bone dry" legislation. 22. During the time that the United States was at war in Europe the Indians were very loyal and put forth every energy to produce additional quantities of food stuffs. In this they were reasonably successful. 23 To my knowledge only four Zuni Indians enlisted during the war. 24 No adverse influence operated against the loyalty of the Indians,

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