Zuni School Annual Reports, 1919


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P. 7 14 They do not use peyote or me scal in any form No white people in this vicinity have taken up with the use of peyote 15. The Indians do not purchase and use extracts or proprietary nedicines as a beverage. The trading stores do not handle these goods. The Indians are not addicted to the use of intoxicants. 16 The continued enforcement of State and National prohibition of the sale and manufacture of intoxicants is about the only way of keeping liquor away from Indians. 17. It is thought to be the part of wisdom to con tinue the use of the United States Liquor Suppression Work at least for some little time yet. A Prohibition now exists in this State and is fairly well enforced These Indians have not become addicted to the use of drugs To my knowledge no Indians or others on the res ervation are engaged in making their own beer, whiskey or wine for home consumption or sale. The provisions of Iaw making it an offense to have liquor in possession has had no effect on the liquor traffic anong the Indians in this vicinity.

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