Zuni School Annual Reports, 1919


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P. 4 ered advisable to have representatives of the Iiquor Suppression Service present at that time No crimes or offenses have been committed by the Indians of the reservation. Some petty thievery ex ists anong the Navajos on the Public Domain southeast of the reservation. As stated in previous reports, it is recommended that a good man be appointed to look after the general well£are of these Navajos offenses against the Indians of the reservation and vicinity, consist principally of stealing of stock belonging to the Indians by a lawless band of Mexicans ad jacent to the Indian country. The country being rough and mountainous, as well as wooded and sparsely settled, it is difficult to observe their actions and get information against then. Then again when they are apprehended it is difficult to get justice in the local courts account of Mexican cannishness and Mexican domination of the courts The ranging of herds on the reservation belong ing to outsiders had diminished considerably during the past year and shows much improvement over former conditions The old ceremonial dances are practised about as much as ever. The younger generation does not pay as much attention to them as formerly. The ese dandes are not to any great extent interfering with the advancement of the Indians industrially. The dances however, ingure their advancement mentally and snorally. Every dance has a signif

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