Zuni School Annual Reports, 1919


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P. 2 A barn is needed for use in housing the team used by the physician, for the storage of feed for tean, buggy and other supplies. At present a very small space is rented to house the team- the rig for his use standing out of doors, subject to injury by the weather at all seasons of the year. It is very urgently recommended that quarters for the physician be constructed at an early date, which will be a credit to the Government. A building for use of the field matron. This is urgently needed in order to provide suitable living quarters and quarters for her to meet the Indian women and working quarters wherein the Indian woinen will have opportunity to do family sewing, laundry, etc. At present samill rented quarters, consisting of three stall rooms, unsuitable for hunan habitation are provided for the field matron. They are by no means large enough, or suit able for quarters in which to live and provide place for work with the Indian women, however nothing better is avail able Tand has been reserved at the Pueblo adjacent to the Day School, where quarters for the physician and field matron may be placed and connected up with the Day School water system and sewer system

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