Zuni School Annual Reports, 1916


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25, ANNUAL REPORT NARRATIVE ZUNI INDIAN SCHOOL, Section V------- Field Irregation. 1, Title to the water used on this reservation for irregati on rests with the U. S. Government. Water is collected in a reservoir held by the Zuni Dam, constructed across the chan nel of the Zuni river at the Zuni B orading school, ( a) I do not know the Dunt of water appropriated under the above. 2. No water filings or proofs were made during the present year, Section VI---------- Allotments. 1, ( a) No allotments have as yet been made on this reservation, ( b) There are no surplus lands, The Indians need more than they have. 2. Two allotments have been made on the public d omain, Section VII--------- Sales, 1, There being no allotments, no patents in fee have been issued and no lands have been sold, 2. No patents in fee have been issued for Missi on lands. 3. There has been no determination of heirs, 4. This agency has no individual Indian moneys.

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