Zuni School Annual Reports, 1916


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24, POPULATION, 1. The Zuni Indians have a trib la governing body consisting of a governor, Lieutenant governor, tendeanties, war chiefs, sun priests and various other officers. The pesonnel does not include the relable and intelligent menbers of the tribe. They are the type that antagoni ze any move towards progress. They are a great hi ndrance to the progress of civilization, It would be very difficult to eliminate them as they have such a grip on the people. I conproni se with them and detail thern to do some of them nor details of the enforcement of orders. We get along all right that way. They are a hindrance to the performance of my duty but I have given them plainly to understand that where their views are not in conformity with the views of" Washington" They will be ignored. Some years ago we, they and myself, had a try- out as to who should rule, since that time they are not so arrogant and do not oppose me in the same way as formerly. 2, These Indians have no annuities or tribal funds of any kind.

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