Zuni School Annual Reports, 1916


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23. 20. A small portable saw mill is in operati on at the agency. 25, 000 feet was sawed during the spring and winter months, mostly for the Indians. This was the start and another year much more will be accomplished along this 11 ne 21, Many old ruins, some of them rich in antiquities, are to be found on the reservation. A native Zuni Indian is employed as custodian 22. No Indian fair has been held, as yet, on this reservation, We are contemplating holdi ng one, of small pretentions next year 23. No celebrations other than the native dances, rabbit hunts, etc. are held, 24. It will be difficult to eliminate any of their celebrations except arbitrarily, 25. All grazing is on tribal lands. There are no allotments, Indian stock only is grazed, they need all the grass for their own stock. 26. Practically all the work about the schools and agency is done done by Indians. Also considerable of the wagon freight ing for both the Government and the traders, 27. Five Indians are employed at the school and four at the agency aside from the police, No Indians from this duriS dioti on are employed under supervisi on of Mr. Dagenett There is plenty of work for all on the reservation,

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