Zuni School Annual Reports, 1916


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21 14, Among other industries of these Indians may be mentioned the making of pottery and shell beads, Theta income from these occupations amount to considerable 15. The work of returned students compare very favorably with other Indians, very few of them are lazy. They all are practicing improved methods taught them in school, A few women are perhaps an exception to the rule 16. The time of the stockraan and one farmer is employed entire ly cases in instructing and assisting the agency Indians, One farmer is employed to a considerable extent in looking after the work on the agency demonstration farm and miscel laneous agency duties. The disciplinarian is employed in looking after the welfare and conduct of the boys, the up Ke ep of the campus and other miscellaneous duties about the School, We have no Indistrial Teacher or School Farmer, 17. The farmers and the stockman make their headquarters at the agency at Blackrock. They are within 4 miles of the Zuni Pueblo where the majority of the Indians live for the greater part of the year and near the irregable farming district. The agency being located about the center of the resefvation, either of these employees can make a trip to either end of the reservation in about three hours, ( a) The farmers and stockman go out among the Indians and teach them to do by doing. Meetings are he ld at the pueblo in the winter time when 11lustrated lectures are given on agriculture and st bok rad sing .

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