Zuni School Annual Reports, 1916


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19. 11, No land should be leased on this reservation either for agricultural or grazing. It can all be used by the Indians 12. The stock raising industry among Indians: ( a) The number of cattle on the reservation has decreased to some extent account of the very limited grazing on the reservation and the inraods of the cattle thief on range outside of the reservation, The number of sheep on the reservation is slight ly more than last year but considerably less than former years This decrease was found necessary account of the short age of grass. Both the she ep and cattle are improv ing in quality though it is not yet what it should be, ( b) Losses sustained during the year are comparatively light, especially taking into considerati on the very deep snow on the ground last winter, ( c) No provision is made for feeding of stock during the winter aside from a small amount of hay for feeding horses that are working. stock feed on the range during the entire year. ( d) Unless a means is provided to get more range the future of stockraising will be considerably reduced as far as numbers are concerned, outside stockmen are crowding the Indians back onto the reservati on from all sides, Improvement of stock, though, should make for more than the difference of numbers as com pared with the present

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