Zuni School Annual Reports, 1916


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15, ANNUAL REHPORT NARRATIVE ZUNI INDIAN SCHOOL Section IV INDUSTRIES 1, The program for the advancement of the Indians of this jurisdiction is: Aid, instruct and insi st upon modern methods of farming by irregation. They are making progress but have room for much improvement. They are not lazy but much of their efforts are misdirected. Teach them and insist on improvements of their herds by the use of impro ved strains of mail animals 2. Farming operations on the agency fario have improved over last year, More land has been leveled. More alfalfa has been planted, Mare oats has been harvested, More attention has been gbven to planting and care of the se crops The school farm may be considered to be only a large gar den, About 15 acres being cultivated, Articles grown and better cared for than last year, we have several acres of pink beans, will have some for sale as the school can nat use all that are grown. Have plenty of good cabbage, sweet corn, cucumbers, string beans and green onions Have some potatoes, turnips, carrots and other garden truck Indian Farms: ( a) present conditons show improvement over past years ( b) Though handicapped to a considerable extent by an extended season of very dry, hot, weather during the early part of the summer, the seasons operati ons have to a considerable extent more successful than last year, Teaching of improved methods are beginning

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