Zuni School Annual Reports, 1916


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10. ANNUAL REPORT 1916 NARRATIVE UNI INDIAN SCHOOL. Section---- III---- Schols, 1, Relationship between public schools and Indians schools in general is friendly. 2, Generally school privi lages are within the reach of about two thirds of the Indian oh ldren. No public school is within the reach of the Indian children on the Zund reser vation 3. The course of study for the Indian Schools corre latis qui te closely with the state course of study. 4. Industrial training is given the boys along the lines of irregation farming, dry farming, stockraising, carpentry, blacksmithing, engineering and stone mason. The gbrls are given training in cooki ng, sewing, home econimios and laundry work 5. The general needs of the school are: ( a) A school building. A cottage for teaching of housekeeping. A small carpenter and blacksmith shop A dormitory building for boys. A few good cows and chickens. A place to house them. A cottage for use of carpenter , An employees cottage at the day school An industrial building at the day school,

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