Zuni School Annual Reports, 1916


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9. ( a) A second field matron can be used to great benefit in as sisting at the work necessary in the outlying villages. The one at the Zuni pueblo has more than enough to keep her busy there constantly 6. The 11ld matron has been directing her energies along the line of home improvement mostly to the cleanliness of the home; the cleanliness of the person, especially the baby; the observance of simple health rules and the proper diet of children 7. The Indian women have been reached quite successfully by the present field matron by showing a natural, sympathetic interest in themselves, their families and their work, She has met with more success that any other in forener years with the exception of a young woman who was temporarily for a time two years ago, 8. The field matron visits each family on an average of once a week. I refer to these making their home in the Zuni Pueblo. They, practically all, reside there during the winter months and perhaps two thirds of the tribe in the Barner. 9. The location of the field matron is also st ideal- living in the pueblo with the Indians. Her facilities and equipment are very limited account of having to occupy very small rented quarters. A modern building with sufficient room for her residencec and working quarters for her in teaching the women should be provided.

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