Zuni School Annual Reports, 1916


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7. ANNUAL REPORT 1916 NARRATIVE ZUNI INDIAN SCHOOL SECTION ---- II------ HEALTH, 1. For the past year the general health condition of the school and agenoy has been excellent. No epidemics have visited us. There were a few cases of pneumonia at the boarding school last winter but they all recovered nicely On the reservation there was one death due to tuberculosis, In the entire tribe there is nk own to be only 4 cases of tuberculosis and 26 cases of trachome 2. No epidemics or infectious and contagi ous diseases were contracted by the Zuni Indians during the year. 3. The general sanitary conditions of the reservation have shown improvement over the past, especially in and around the Indian Homes, ( a) Indian homes are being kept cleaner than formerly. They are putting in better furniture. Good ventila tion is becoming more general, M ore sunshine is ad mitted ( b) We now have good facilities for the care of the sick. ( c) Tuberculosis is almost unknown on the reservati on. There is some trachoma but is not very prevalent. The physician and the field matron are constant on the alert to discover any cases that may be not yet under treatment among the adult Indians or children not in School

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