Zuni School Annual Reports, 1916


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4, Bchool in connection with the church work. The Catholic missionaries residing at Gallup make occasi onal visits to the reservation and hold services, None of the Indians are practi cal members of any Christian denoni nati on 7. The liquor traffic among the Ind ians under my charge is pract iSlly nil, I refer to the Zuni Indians. Among the Navajos south and east of the Zuni reservation on the public domain there has been a considerable traf fio of liquor the past year 8. During the" Chalico Dance", held in the early part of Decem. ber considerable Jrquor is brought onto the reservation by visiting Indians, principally Navajos. It is practically all drank by the parties bringing it on. No other case is on record of any one introducing liquor during the past year 9. No Zuni, to my know ledge has left the reservation to obtain liquor. They are a very temperate people. The Navajos east and south of the Zuni reservati on procure most of what they g get from boot leggers in the vici nity of their homes, 10. There are no saloons on or near the reservati on. 11. The state authorities in this section seem to show very little interest in the suppression of the liquor traffic among Indians 12, I do not consider it advisable to have any of my employees or Indian police deputized special officers

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