Zuni School Annual Reports, 1916


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By means of the se dances the people are taught obedience to and faith in the medicine man, self- confidence, initiative, ind4 pendent thought and reasoning power are prevent ed. ( a) The dances should be permitted to continue 1 they do not retard the Indian more than at present. Time and educati on for ALL the children will be required for the breaking up of the dances, ( b) The ch ldren in attendance at the B oarding school are to permitted witness the chalico dance, The Xmas vacation is given then at that time. The returned students also witness the dances of the whole year and B one of them even take part. They would compelled to do so did they not accept be the invitation 5. The tribal customs of marriage and divorce still prevail to a considerable extent. According to tribal custom they Plural marriages are marry and seperate at their pleasure, not practiced. ( a) The laws recognize tribal marriage being state as legal ( b) Educated are required by me to secure license and get married according to civilized laws 6. EL forts are put forth by the missiona: of the" Christian Reform" church and the" Catholic church, so far practically no results have been achieved. The Christian Reform church have a resident missionary and also conduct a ni ssi on day

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