Zuni School Annual Reports, 1916


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2. We are also very much in need of a modern mill for grinding wheat and corn grown by the Indians into flour and meal, We have nothing of the sort at present and there is no mill of such a kind to my knowledge within a distance of 200 miles 2. We are short of agency farmers taking into consideration the amount of work now necessary to assist the Indians to acquire modern agricultural ideas. We need one more farmer and, if possible, he should be qualified to successfully operate the flouring mill that it is proposed to install in the very near future. The two farmers that we now have are energetic but it is found to be impossible for them do the work they are now doing and at the same tune look after the work at oJo Caliente on the west end of the reservation and Nutria on the east end. 3. No difficulty is experienced in maintaining order on the reservation with the exception of the annual Chalico dance held in the early part of December. At that time many of the visiting Navaj os bring liquor and it is difficult to con. trol them. 4. The old ceremonial dances are still practiced about as much as ever. A reli geous significance is attached to all dances Dancing does not injure their advancement industrially to any great extent, It is an injury to their advancement mentally and morally however. The dance has a tendency to perpetuate the ignorance and superstitions of the people .

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