Zuni School Annual Reports, 1915


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18, ANNUAL REPORT 1915. NARRATIV 2UNI INDIAN SCHOOL, SECTION------ V.---- FIELDFORRESTRY. 1. The Zuni Dan located at Blackrook, 4 miles up stream from the Zuni pueblo, and below the sounoti on of the Zuni and Nutrio rivers impounds water enough each year to irregate approximately 6000 acres, adjacent to Zuni Pueblo. Aside from this project water for irregation purposes is secured in limited quantities from springs at oJo Caliento, Pescado and Nutria, Aecount of the sub- irregated nature of the soil adjacent to these springs it is estimated that they, collectively, may irregate 1500 acres, A small amoubt of water is purchased each year from the Ramah Irrogati on company and used on the eastern end of the reservati on, 2. No water filings or proofs were made during the 118 cal year, 19 15.

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