Zuni School Annual Reports, 1915


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16. The stockman devotes his time to instructing the Indians in the care and improvement of stock, looking at ter the tress pass of the white man' s stock, preventing the theft of Indian stock, helping with roundups, sale of stock, purchase of stook, etc. The farmers and the stockman make their headquarters at Blackrook at the agency. They are thus within 4 miles of the village were the Indians live for the great a part of the year and near the irregable district. Ao count of the re ser at 1 in being small and Blackrock being located about the center either of these employees, when it becomes necessary, can make the trip to either end of the reservati on in 3 hours, ( a) The Farmers and stockman go out anong the Indo ians and teach them to do by doing. Also the Indians who can read are supplied with literature on subjects of interest. 16. Workshops should be provided for the boarding school wherein could be taught black smi thing, carpentry, wagon repair work, horseshoing and harness making 16. We now have a man to do the blacksmith work and also operate the small sawmill and help in the operation of the steam threshi ng rig 17. The market and trading facil1 ties open to Indians are good, Keen competition exists among the licensed Indian traders, There is also a trading post Just east of the reservation and reputable stockbuyers are permitted to a ome on the reservati on to buy 18. No alloting work having been done here all grazing is done on tribal lands.

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