Zuni School Annual Reports, 1915


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15. ( 1) The Indians are ut111 2ing all of their range lands for Brazi ng purposes. The reservation is overgrazed and they rent Brazing lands to some extent outside of the reservation ( 3) They have sutriolent male breeding stock but considerable of it is of an inferior grade. Some are improv ing it and others will need time to be convinced that they will be benefited bb getting well bred male stock, 10- 12. This reservati on is not adapted to the dairy industry. The range is x too rough and barren ( a) I would not suggest it at present to the Indians ( b) A dairy herd is not at present kept by the school ( a) For this reason no loss ons given to Indiana, ( a) Indians could purchase their own milch cows were conditions such as do make it practicable to make dairy industry profitable, 11, Aside from Agriculture and stockraising, the prins ol pal industry among these Indians is the making of pottery and shellbeads, The quality of the pot tery is improving some and in time the industry may be mad profitablo 12. Very few returned students are to found among the Zunis. They are generally progressive and compare favorably with other Indians. 13. The time of the two agenoy farmers is employed in advising and instructing the Indians in modern ways and methods of agriculture, planting, irregating, harvesting and thrashing of grain, also in the building and rop air of roads and bridges, and in working a small demonstration farm,

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