Zuni School Annual Reports, 1915


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12, ANNUAL REPORT NARRATIVE ZUNI INDIAN SCHOOL. 1915 SECTION---- IV----- INDUSTRIES. - 1.( a) Farmi ng operations are showing excellent re Sults this year. The area aultivated by Indians again shows an inorease of about 20% over last year ( b) The seasons operations have been very success ful. The clima to cond1 th ons were very favorablo, Rai ntall during the growing season was above normal. The reservoir has been almost full for the greater part of the season. A plentiful supply was on hand at all times ( 0) Nothing new was introduced this year in the line of aerials, vegetables, ato. ( a) The cut worn which generally does much dan ago to the young grain was not troublesome this year. This can be attributed to the rainfall at the time, thus ke aping the ground noist ( O) Much of the products of the farm is consumed at home. The balance the is not needed to carry over to next year is sold to traders and others at an attractive price. Market conditions are go od. A much greater amount could be sold account of the surrounding country producing very little. ( 1) The Indians save seed for planting from year to year. They also save a years supply for their own use to guard against a possible failure of Brops ( 8) No greenhouse or nursery was maintained. ( h) No seeds for use of Indians have been tested.

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