Zuni School Annual Reports, 1915


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I 11. 12. During the past year the Indians have been very good about bringing the children in to school on time and leaving ten there during the year. This has been a marked improvement over former years. 15. The Zuni has always been very strongly opposed to the intermingling of races. Now this characteristio is 18 appearing. I believe that intermingling of the white race 11 of good character, would be good for the Indians. This is not the case as rule however, Generally the character of the white men met up with is not very good, 14, the total expenditures of the present fiscal year, account of the inoreased attendance of both boarding and day schools, have been greater than last year. It will be necessary to continue the Government Schools on this reservation for an indefinate time. These Indians are a very conservative bunch. They have had, heretofore very 11ttle educational opportunities. There are no Publio schools in the near vior nity where the Indian children could at tend, Account of the barenness of the surrounding country the chances are that there may not be any public schools near for many years,

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