Zuni School Annual Reports, 1915


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I 10. 5, NO graduates have been turned out at tds school. 6. One small mission day school is conducted by the Christian Reform church at the Zuni Pueblo. Their work is good 7, Aside from the old trib, customs of marrying and seperating without formality, the morals of the Zuni Indians are equal to or above the average of Indians Bonerally. 8.( a) The schools on the reservati on are kept 111led to their capacity. About one third of the children of Sohool age are not in school. There continues to be a strong opposi ti on to sending children of f the reservation to school, This sentiment is gradually growing less ( b) There are no incorrigable pupils here. ( 0) Returned students are doing well, generally The Zunis are an industrious people. Their farm ng and stock raising industries keep them ocoupid most of the time 9. The school plant is ni cely equipped and in a good state of repair. It is very incomplete however, Dormitory space for both boys and girls, some of the employed, also School class rooms, sewing room, kitchen and dini rg room are all or owded into the one main building. A school building, a dorm tory for boys, Employees cottages, a shop building, and a system for pumping water for irregati on purposes onto the campus are greatly ne eded 10. with the acception of two the emplByees of both school and agency are efficient, loyal, and take an active interest in their work, 11. In outlini ng the courses for school work, the future welfare of the Indians is kept in mi nd

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