Zuni School Annual Reports, 1915


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3b To provide for the proper care of the shok as di spensary should be constructed by the Rovernment at the Pueblo So There are very few cases of trachoma or tuberculosis on the reservation. All trachome cases found are being treated with the exception of a couple of or onio cases that have run about the 11 mit, and to some extent taken care of themselves. The Indians are given aducation as to the means Or measures to be used in the prevention of these diseases. Sd Account of this tribe being comparative free from did sease it should not be necesary to establish tent hospitals here 35. The hospital we now have for the use of the school and agency should be, under ordinary conditi ons, sufficient to provide treatment for those in need of hospi tal treatment. The Indians are c taking kindly to it and it should be a great benefit to the triba, 6. The Piold matron work of the past year has not been what it shoud be. The incumbent in the position was old and in poor health. The duties of assisting the physician with the care and treatment of the si or in their homes, the duoa ton of the Indian women in cleanliness of the home and the proper care and feedi ng of the baby were not performed as well as could be desired, Results secured were only fair. 7. We nd have a new employee in the position and it is my impressi on that she will be successful. It will of neces sity be some little time before she will be come acquainted w1 th the Indian traits and characteristics,

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