Zuni School Annual Reports, 1915


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6, ANNUAL REPORT 195 NARRATIV ZUNI INDIAN SCHOOL. SECTION----- II-------- HEALTH, 1. For the past year the general health conditions at the schools and agenoy have been excellent . Four cases of pneumonia developed at the Boarding school last spring They all experienced a very successful recovery. In addti on to these cases the atron, an elderly lady, contracted the dread disease and died from it. The Indians of the reservation are constantly coming more and more to depend on the Government physioian for medical assistance, The native medicine men still have a age following, though it is gradually growing less, 2. No epidemic of a general nature visited the resor Vati on this year, 3, The general hygenic conditi on of the reservati on shows improvement. The Indian homes are being made better Houses are being made larger. Better ventilati on and more Sunshine are admitted, Better and more sanitary furniture is being provided. There is yet much room for improvement but it will come with time. Sg Aside from the routine work of the physician and the field matron, three general inspections on sanitary con a tions about the homes of the Indians are made by myself each year. The most marked improvement continues to be along the 11 ne of cleanliness, both as to the houses and the childrOD

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