Zuni School Annual Reports, 1915


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S. 1s. The Indians of this jurisdiction make no intoxi cating beverages or preparations of any kind. 14, They use no peyote or me soul of any kind, 15. The traders on the reservation do not keep in stock or sell any preparations alooholio in nature, such as lemon extraoto, vanilla Oxt raoto, ite. 16. Bupervision of the trading stores includes this matter, but very little of such supervision is necessary by me as the traders do not carry such articles in stock, 17. Though as yet the Zunis have not developed a craving for 1 int oxi canto, the conditions round about them are very de plorable," Tore effective means of curbing the traffic are neces Bary. A general state law prohibiting the possession of or sale of intoxicants in any form by others than the State would, I think, be the most of Teotive way of handling the situation, 18. Were I to suggest a law or remedy for this evil I should recommend one Bint lar to that in allot in the State of Oklahoma and the continuation of the liquor suppress sion work as now conducted by the Office. A ni ni mum penalty of one year for Trst of fonso would be a good sentence for violati on of the law in this matter would perhaps prove more oftective than at present

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