Zuni School Annual Reports, 1915


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I 46. 6. Poor Success has so far been attained in the promotion of the teaching of Christian religeon among these people. The Christian Reform Church has one resident mission ary here. They also conduct a small day Sohool in connects on with the church work. None of the Indians profess membership. The Fraciscan Fathers of Gallup make occasional visits to the reservati onto perform baptisms of children for such as claim membership in the Catholic church, None of the Indians of thts reservation are practical members of any Christian denomination 7. Liquor traf Lie among Indians of this reservati on is practically nothing. 8. During the" chalico Dance", the great event of the year for the Zunds, Some liquor is introduced on the reser Vati on by visiting Indians, prinоipally Navajos, but by a careful policing of the pueblo during this event very little of it is in avidence, such as is brought on the reservation is drank bb the parties brings ng 1. 9. No Zuni Indian, to my knowledge, has brought liquor on the reservation during the past year, 10. There are no solo ons on or near the reservati on. 11, The state authorities seem to show very little ni eli nati on to cooperate in the suppression of the liquor traffic in this seat on of the country, 12. I do not consider it necessary to have any of my employees deputi led peotal of foers

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