Zuni School Annual Reports, 1915


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2. A sewer system is very much needed for the day school. It is planned to empty this sewer into the Zuni River below the pueblo During the past year a pneumatic water system has been install ed at the day school, thus providing a much needed water supply. The school building has been arranged to pro vide double capacity of last year for class room work by dividing the assembly room into two class rooms- thus pro viding four class rooms instead of two. Additional teachers have been provided for these two rooms and thus considerably increase the educational opportunities for the Indian children. Another teacher should be provided to take the class room now conducted by the Principal Teacher. This will give him opportunity to give his time to the general super vision of the class ro Oms and to act as truant officer and take charge of the work along industrial lines outside of the classrooms, At the Boarding school cottages have been provided for use of the clerk, and Farmer on the Agency Roll and the Carpenter on the School Roll, We are yet without quarters at the Pueblo for use the Physician and the Field Matron. Thus far the physical n has occupied rented quarters in a small adobe building at a considerable expense to the Government and a great hardship to himself and his work, The Field atron is also occupy . ing small rented quarters in an adobe building in the pueblo A cottage, a barn, and a dispensary for use of the physician, and a buildingto serve as a residence, workrooms and laundry for the old matron are needed at the Zuni Pueblo

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